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Songwriting - from page to stage...

Following months of songwriting and producing, it's great to get back out into the world performing. During the Pandemic, it felt as though I would never step foot on a stage again. I'm working mainly solo at the present and on occasion as a duo with the amazing bass player Marcus Cain, which is always great fun - almost like old times, but of course, we're still not firing on all four cylinders yet, not until we have the full band back together. Worry not though, when the opportunity does eventually present itself, we are game-ready and heading your way!

Just to update you on the progress of some of the songs from the new album, Another Rainy Night In Paris...

The BBC invited us to perform at the Airwaves Festival along with some great artists including Rag n' Bone Man, which was a great opportunity and it gave us the chance to get the band together again for a few days.

Girl Of My Dreams & Before I Lose Faith In You

Airwaves Festival...

Girl Of My Dreams is still soaring on Spotify, which is amazing.

Follow the link here for Girl Of My Dreams on Spotify and all other platforms:

Other songs from the album featured/featuring on the BBC:

*Before I Lose Faith In You

*Another Rainy Night In Paris

*If Only Dreams Come True


These interviews are available- Listen again here:

Ordinary-Man Featuring on @

(11th May - 12th May) *Wednesday 11th May - Breakfast (7am to 9am) *Wednesday 11th may - Early Drive (2pm to 6pm; usually around 3.45pm) *Thursday 12th May - Daytime (10am to 2pm; usually around 1.45pm) *Thursday 12th May - Evening (9pm - 10pm)

Please feel free to let them know that you heard the song- they would love to hear from you

In the meantime...

Got brand new music coming your way very soon. Not divulging too much information at this stage, but see the single artwork below. I'll leave the rest to your imagination...

And yes, that is me & Marcus in the back ground ...

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