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Max Restaino

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

So what's new?

Big News Updates...

As promised, the new album, SpeakEasy, is coming soon and building momentum.

'Make It Home,' a new song from the new album, was featured as the BBC Chillout Track of the Week.

Check it out below!

Full song and interview with BBC Radio Leicester's Jack Rafferty

More Big News...

Since October, I have secretly worked with the amazingly talented Singer, Radio / TV presenter, journalist and Pride Ambassador Soraya Vivian.

Soraya has been confirmed as the headliner at this year's Euro Pride and is set to release our huge Anthem Track, Colours Of Love!

Catch Max performing original songs from his new album and singles: Another Rainy Night In Paris Album, Summer Shore Ep, Bailar & other classic jazz/pop melodies with a contemporary twist. Find a show near you!

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