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Busy On The Live Circuit

Since being released from the strangulation of the 2020 pandemic, I've been out and about gigging everywhere and anywhere, and for anyone who would stand still long enough to listen.

I am so grateful to all those venues who opened their doors and allowed me to perform, and let's face it, they've all been struggling too. We have lost and continue to loose so many fantastic venues, which is why it is important to keep visiting them, appreciating live music and enjoying their hospitality.

I have a list of of gigs where you can catch me performing original songs from my latest album: Another Rainy Night In Paris & other great classic jazz/pop melodies with a unique contemporary twist..

Why not join me in supporting these great venues that are available right on your door step.

A full gig list is now available on my website:

Or if you like, Follow me on Bands In Town. Let me know about a venue near you or where you would like to see me perform.

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