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ANOTHER RAINY NIGHT IN PARIS - The story behind the album.

Max comments- “When I sat down to write and produce the new album, I knew I wanted

to make a complete change in direction and go with my love of beautiful Jazz inspired

melodies, like the old classics I had learned to play on keys and sax as a novice. I think

I achieved that, but gave it a modern twist. In 2020, I wanted to spend time making an

album, but didn’t expect the whole world to stop with me, nor did I anticipate having to

wait two years to get the music out on the road.

The album is designed to replicate a dream and to appeal to the dreamer. It commences

with the song, ‘If Only Dreams Come true,’ then takes us on a journey through a dream,

visiting along the way, our hopes, desires and fears and ending at track 11 in a

nightmare with the song, 'You Can Run But You Can’t Hide.'


Girl Of My Dreams: -

Before I Lose Faith In You -

Another Rainy Night In Paris: -


Max Restaino: Music, Lyrics, Producer, Programmer and Arranger, engineer, vocals, backing vocals, piano, saxophone, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, accordion, harmonica

Mike Read: Lyrics (New York High & Before I Lose faith In You)

Marcus Cain: Bass Guitar & Double Bass

Nicola Farmer: Double Bass (New York High & More Than Life)

Ben Clarke: Electric Guitar (You Can Run But You Can’t Hide & Life Behind Bars)

Eliot Kennedy: Mixed and Master (If Only Dreams Come True)

James Jawardena: Mixed & Mastered (Life behind Bars, More Than Life & New York High)

Aiden Thompson: Engineer & Electric Guitar

Ron Christow: Trombone

Matt Knight: Mastered

Roo Walker: Acoustic & Electric guitar

Larry Van Kriedt: Music & Lyrics (Satisfied)

Allan Smyth: Mixed

Ed Collins: Trumpet

James Campbell: Mixed

Ian Wileman: Trombone

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