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Another Rainy Night In Paris New Album Out Now!

Story behind the title & credits ...

Another Rainy Night In Paris has landed in stores and is available to Stream on major platforms such as #Spotify #amazon & #Deezer

The 11 track CD can now be purchased from the website 💿

The process ...

The new album is a complete turn around for me. When I set out to write this album I knew I wanted to take a new direction and follow my heart. Trained by teachers who were themselves professional Jazz musicians, i guess it was inevitable that I would eventually return to my roots. Writing jazz melodies for the new album in 2020 seemed to flow and was in many respects the most therapeutic thing I've ever done. I planned to write the album in 2020 anyway, but didn't expect it would become one of the things that helped me get through a global pandemic. Songwriting can be isolating in itself, but being locked away in a studio and mostly at night, because that's when the muse seems to come to life, can feel lonely at the best of times, but not being able to work with my band or other musicians, was tough. All the musicians who did play on the album did it remotely and I'm sure each one found the experience to be as therapeutic as I did. It was a great relief to have a project to work at the height of the Lockdown.

The title ...
Another Rainy Night In Paris, came from the memory of the last holiday I had with my girlfriend. It wasn't a million years ago, only a few months before the pandemic hit, but not being able to be with her through the best part of the year following that holiday, seemed to make the memory of it even more poignant. We both loved Paris and our last holiday together there was amazing, so when Paris was hit by Covid and became one of the first cities in Europe to go into lock down, it was devastating.
I didn't realise at the time how much the pandemic effected me personally, so now looking back, I guess the album was a manifestation of that time, and all the songs on the album (new or re-recorded) came to the surface due to the issues and anxieties that the pandemic caused.
Concept...Each song on the album takes us through a dream, starting with track #1 - If Only Dreams Come True- This song reflects the start of a dream- falling off to sleep, thinking of all those we couldn't be with at the start of the pandemic . Then, like a pack of Tarot cards the following 10 tracks stop off at our hopes, dreams, fears and explore the past . present and the future, until finally finishing on track #11 in a nightmare with, You Can Run But You Can't Hide.
Album Credits...
Max Restaino: Music, Lyrics, Producer, Programmer and Arranger, engineer, vocals, backing vocals, piano, saxophone, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, accordion, harmonica
Mike Read: Lyrics (New York High & Before I Lose faith In You – Mid8)
Marcus Cain: Bass Guitar & Double Bass
Nicola Farmer: Double Bass (New York High & More Than Life)
Ben Clarke: Electric Guitar (You Can Run But You Can’t Hide & Life Behind Bars)
Eliot Kennedy: Mixed and Master (If Only Dreams Come True)
James Jawardena: Mixed & Mastered (Life behind Bars, More Than Life & New York High)
Aiden Thompson: Engineer & Electric Guitar
Ron Christow: Trombone
Matt Knight: Mastered
Roo Walker: Acoustic & Electric guitar
Larry Van Kriedt: Music & Lyrics (Satisfied)
Allan Smyth: Mixed
Ed Collins: Trumpet
James Campbell: Mixed
Ian Wileman: Trombone

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